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  • Welcome to Lam’s assignment service (LAS)

LAS has encountered to address the concerns of international students in writing their assignments and dissertations and we have listened to their difficulties. They report how many assignments are difficult and how they feel as if they have had nowhere to turn. Ever since our inception, we have helped students with their coursework through our dedicated and trustworthy professional writers to achieve only one objective, help students earn highest academic grades with the lowest prices possible. This explains why most of the students attempt to seek academic assistance from our trustworthy assignment writing services that are committed to meeting your satisfaction since your satisfaction is our business sustainability.


  • The affordable provider of custom written academic work

In 2012, Lam and his small group of writers established a micro-business, known as Lam’s assignment service (LAS), to address the issues of international tertiary students. Whether you are a master student or just starting out as an undergraduate fresher, LAS can provide the finest academic writing services with the lowest prices possible to help you achieve your academic commitments. In 2014, aiming to expand our business, we have decided to go online to enlarge our client base. At LAS, we provide custom written academic work related to business studies, including Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management and Marketing to our clients.


  • Our valuable clients

Our clients always come first. We will take the time to listen and attend to all your requirements quickly and professionally. For whatever concerns you are confronting with your business studies, you can discuss with us via our online form, online and facebook chat, wechat, email and telephone between 8am-12pm Monday-Sunday (Click here). During these times, we are committed to respond to your enquiry within 10-20 minutes. LAS takes great pride in being the most trusted form of academic assistance in the UK and Vietnam. Our success is strongly attached to our client’s satisfaction which is reflected in our key mission: 'Lead you to your academic success'.


  • Professional writers from diverse business background

Our writers are the core engine of our organization helping us achieve our core mission and earn our client’s loyalty. Thanks to their enthusiasm, passion and expertise, clients feel confident, secure and satisfied when placing their orders with us. Our assignment services are related to business studies including Finance, Accounting, Economics, Management and Marketing. Our writers consider each academic work as an individual project, they use original research and drafts to produce the assignment to meet our client’s requirements. Unlike many less reliable and reputable assignment writing businesses online, LAS has a strict process to ensure the quality of the assignment. Our writers have many years of experience in the academia as well as the work placement to ensure the quality of content and satisfaction of our clients. To offer the clients highest level of satisfaction, we ensure that each writer is highly qualified, experienced and in-house professional.


  • The ‘100%’ ingredients that sustain our business

Our growing success is purely  down to one thing – the unique ingredients that make up LAS:

  • 100% assurance of on-time order completion and delivery
  • 100% assurance of confidentiality of your personal details
  • 100% assurance of plagiarism free
  • 100% guarantee of round-the-clock assistance
  • 100% commitment of  flexible prices and discounts

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